AuthorTopic: [UNPAID] [REVSHARE] Looking for pixel artist  (Read 1320 times)

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[UNPAID] [REVSHARE] Looking for pixel artist

on: January 16, 2021, 06:49:20 am
Hello, I am looking for a pixel artist to help me with my game.

Even if in general unskilled, Im willing to take things a little slowly,since this is the first game Im developing

The art style is already somewhat determined (initial pixel art drawings done by me,however since game development + pixel art is way too much for me to handle, I decided to look for a partner),it can change, but Im looking for this style in general.

Payment is in revshare (50/50) and this project is kinda big and it will take months of your time.

There are plans in the near future to start a kickstarter to help get some funds,so expect some cash
after some art is done and we get a playable demo on the air (a lot of the game functions,basically at demo level with minimal bugs,just need art assets and a few workdays of implementing assets and testing them).

DM me here,or add me on discord (Zaxrem#6991)