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[wip] supah person title

on: January 25, 2008, 08:15:22 pm
Well here's my first post. I've been pixelling since MS paint, but now I use a Mac. For quite a few years, I've wanted to do some c64 stuff, and there's an Amiga 2000 about four feet away from me--unfortunately it's running NetBSD. (The last time I've used Amiga OS was some time in the Nineties.)

So here's something I've had for a couple weeks. It's not really done and I got stuck. So yeah.

This actually started as something I randomly sketched one night. The next day I went on and blocked in my first version. I left it alone for a while, I came back to it and fainted from the pure choppiness of it. I came back and redid most of it, and got this. Today I tried to make it shiny. I'm really not happy with how the "person" text came out when I tried to make that shiny, and after trying several approaches to the lines around it, I just went back to what I had before.

It's 240x160 with 6 colors. Maybe I'll make it into a game once I conquer my fear of backgrounds and making non-1bit walking sprites.

Also: I referenced the titles from Vice and Journey to Silius when  making it shiny. I'd appreciate general crits, as I'm hoping to improve.
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