AuthorTopic: Want to help make a thread of color palettes from old harware (NES, MSX, etc)?  (Read 4697 times)

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Well let me start by saying I'm new around here-- So hi everyone, my name is (wouldn't you know it) Justin. I've been doing fine art for years and years; mostly drawing and sculpture. Always been a huge videogame player (another surprise!), which led me to pixel art. Now, on with the topic.

I'm mostly a black and white, pen and pencil person so when it comes to color choice I struggle to find good, coherent colors. I also love working within constraints as I'm sure just about everyone else here does. So, I thought perhaps we could make a list/collection of all the color palettes of old hardware (NES, C64, MSX, etc.) including their respective hardware limitations so people can still follow the "rules" in programs like Photoshop.

I think it'd be a great learning experience, as well as a nice collection of all these palettes. Sure, anyone could search around with Google but wouldn't it be nice to have it all in one thread right here?

Here's an image I found concerning the NES palette (I did not make this, of course):

Feel free to add more palettes 'n' stuff from other systems! Despite poking around ptoing's site and finding lots of examples I'm still not clear on all the graphics modes of the C64 for example. So list away; I hope my idea helps other newcomers.

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Not certain, but I think that image was made by mister Adam Atomic?
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