AuthorTopic: Face Off?  (Read 2406 times)

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Face Off?

on: January 03, 2008, 11:52:59 pm
Today I was working on expressions, not really anything anatomical or even realistic. Just trying to convey emotions with the face. I haven't made anything note worthy in a while so I thought it would be nice to start with a boring palette and a 32x32 canvas. I got this:

I was really proud of it. It's got real character to it, I think so at least. It was a nice success so I felt like making a few others because I intended on making some emoticons for a forum soon. They'd be smaller ofcourse.

I kind of lost my thunder at 5. The fifth one was really bad and the 4th one wasn't very good. I tried avoiding symmetry for most of these, that explains the eyepatch.
Feel free to be harsh about them, I don't think anyone will be harsh but if it's for my own good I'd appreciate it.

I visited my grandmother in the hospital (broke her sacrum) and while she was sleeping I kind of whipped up this bugger:

and then reduced it to greyscale because I noticed all those colors had the same luminosity (same thing as value right?) and I remembered Xion making some TV headed robot with colors that were all the same value. Mine isn't nearly as nice, it's also in reverse.

C+C is welcomed, appreciated and encouraged. Thanks.

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Re: Face Off?

Reply #1 on: January 09, 2008, 06:22:09 pm
Very nice faces. The expressions of those first four are very well done. And the grey scale of the last one shows detail that was otherwise lost with the yellow.