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[CLOSED][PAID] Futuristic Cowboy/Western roguelike

on: November 18, 2020, 03:05:53 am
Hey guys!

I'm about to start development for a game idea that I had. I don't know the first thing about pixel art, so I decided to make a post in here to find an artist.

I am looking for a pixel artist for assets for a game I creating which is set in the future, where humanity has successfully achieved space travel to a number of habitable planets. The main character is a bounty hunter, similar to the anime Cowboy Bebop. I'm not sure the name of the project yet, but I'm pretty set on the story, so hopefully that should give you enough context to work off of. What I need for the time being:
  • Main Character sprite with idle, running forward, running backward, and shooting animations. Only facing left or right needed. The arm must be able to rotate 360 degrees, as the arm and gun will always point towards the cursor. You may have to not include any arms or hands (like Nuclear Throne)
  • Couple enemies: maybe two with all the same animations as main character, without dodge rolling. These enemies can have a humanoid form, but must look more alien than regular humans. These are aliens who are sentient and have their own society as well as ways to protect themselves, so they will have armor. I will attach a reference for this. I also need a babel fish for the player to wear to understand the aliens. There will be some missions where violence is not needed, but only if you can understand the alien language, and understand what they're saying so you can respond accordingly
  • Tileset: One top down tileset for terrain of another world. Must include ground and wall tiles. It would be nice to have other things like trees, rocks, environmental objects, etc.
  • Multiple weapons with firing animations. I'm looking for a futuristic, space version of the old pistols of the wild west. For now, only pistols, and I may add some rifles later. I will attach a photo showing the original versions of these pistols. I know they seem very similar, but hopefully the futuristic/space theme will allow for some variation.
  • Multiple sprites for projectiles. Laser bullets, laser beams, energy balls should be a good start.

16x16 would work, but if you want to have more detail, 32x32 is fine too.

Payment: I can pay $20/hr. I am a college student, so I'm sorry if that salary isn't plausible for the amount of work I'm asking for. The maximum I can pay is around $400. If that's not enough, we can cut down what I need for now. What I absolutely need for now are the main character with animations, the tilemap with only terrain tiles, and the enemies.

For any reason, if you need a reference for the face of a cowboy, the inspiration will be Bass Reeves. If you don't know about him, he is the inspiration for the Lone Ranger tv show/films. He is about as badass of a man you could get. Some of the stories I heard about him don't even seem real, but that's why I believe them. And the best part is that he was BLACK! I can't add that many ref pics so you might want to look him up on google. Again, that's if you aren't using a helment in your sprite and need to make a face. Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to seeing your portfolios.
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Re: [CLOSED][PAID] Futuristic Cowboy/Western roguelike

Reply #1 on: December 03, 2020, 03:49:25 pm
hello i am intrested
contact details in there.