AuthorTopic: Not Dead(and i didn't wonder off)  (Read 546 times)

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Not Dead(and i didn't wonder off)

on: November 15, 2020, 11:07:27 pm
Hey all, I'm still alive(and i haven't given up on this forum either). In case you were wondering, I had some more psychiatry B***S*** explode on me. The whole thing was totally unexpected and i still feel stuck in the twilight zone. They finally let me out of the hospital, although I had to take a long-acting injection just to get out of there, and now i have this mandatory treatment mumbo jumbo to deal with; at this point my life feels like the Joker movie. I'm really hoping to get this whole pharma/drugs deal straightened out ASAP before they turn me into some sort of medicine-zombie. :blind:

So, long story short, I'd like to do more tiles for HexCorpse4, but i'm not sure how much time i will have now that i am juggling Therapy+Meds on top of all my usual chores for my parents, a very major home renovation project and a backlog of stuff for my LLC. I was sort of looking into figuring out automated editing in gimp, with the intention of taking over Hex4 from Indigo(if that is reasonable), although at the moment i think all this will have to take the back burner. That said, I may still try to polish up some of my tiles more; just waiting for a rainy day.

Stay Well Everybody,
   -Wild Gun Yoda
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