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Polar Bear Game WIP

on: December 24, 2007, 06:23:13 am
So in my spare time I've been working on this game for my phone... it's like this slalom game on my pc a long time ago, except with a cute polar bear instead of that nerdy dude. I want the graphics for gameplay to be pretty simplistic, but still look good. Here's what I have so far:

You have to dodge the trees, logs, stumps, evil snowmen and lost penquins.

Animations are not my forte, but I tried to make a few for this game. I could use some c&c. (They are soooo bad.... especially sir humpalot the bear) ;)

And this is the beginning of a menu/title screen.

I'm trying to make this into a working game but I want to perfect the graphics first. Any and all help is very appreciated.
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Re: Polar Bear Game WIP

Reply #1 on: December 24, 2007, 08:13:20 am
I really liked that SkiFree game, mainly because of the guy that ate you ate the end. Anything to eat you in this game?
The animations for the most part look good. I wish the snowman wouldn't move as much, maybe give him a scarf to flap in the wind. Both his and the polar bear's animations are jumpy. I don't really like the extremes for the sled. The snow man really shouldn't be that unstable. I don't think it'd hurt to show some snow around the base of him to show he's part of the scenery. Hopefully someone with a better eye and more experience with pixel art and art for that matter comes by for some better advice.

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Re: Polar Bear Game WIP

Reply #2 on: December 24, 2007, 09:17:07 am
haha i used to love that game :) I havnt played it in years.

I like the concept of your remake. Polar bears are definitely cuter than some dude on skis xD. Withthat said there are some points i feel could so with some improvement :)

I've made a really quick edit and squared the spots i changed

1.The palette! Although your palette isnt -bad-, it could use some livening up. Your colours are quite close together leaving some details to look sort of washed out. It also seems like a happy cutesy sort of game so why not go for brighter happier colours?

2.Depth. You're using darker outlines around the edges not giving thought to the depth of what it is you are outlining. For example, the polar bear. The head is closer to us in this view than it's bum, yet the bum has more emphases due to the darker outline. The head sort of fades/melds into whats behind it. Why not try adding a darker outline around the head to draw the eye there first? This same problem is occurring with the ski jump. The darker outline should be placed to define the object from that which is behind itself.

3.Redundant colours. Theres just one, but its there haha xD. The flag had two reds that are so close together that one of them is really not needed at all. Try replacing it with one of the darker greeny blues you've used to outline other things.

4.Jaggies. You've left some weird jaggies around the bushes and stump. The 1-3-4 pixel line on the bush is making it look a little weird. you can fix this by either changing it to 1-2-4, or just adding in some simple a/a. The stump you can fix by changing the top from 2-6-2, to 1-8-1 or again just using some simple a/a.


The title screen i think is going to look really nice :). I love pixelled snow scenes haha

a few suggestions and again an edit

1.The top of the igloo seems to be at a different angle than the door. We should technically be able to see more of the 'circle' at the top.

2. You've made the bg and trees look as if it is a low light setting..night or overcast perhaps but your snow is crisp and white like on a bright day. I suggest changing the colours of the trees+sky to match that.

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Re: Polar Bear Game WIP

Reply #3 on: December 24, 2007, 01:37:59 pm
Aw, cute. :) I really like the style you're going for.

1.The top of the igloo seems to be at a different angle than the door. We should technically be able to see more of the 'circle' at the top.
No, it's higher up than the door, so the angle should be different because of the perspective. You should probably change the lines between the blocks so that they're horizontal where the horizon is and curved towards that line above and below it.

The angle of the bear bothers me a bit too. Since you can't see the rest of the sled, it looks like he's horizontal when that frame is not a part of the animation. That looks OK at the start and might also when he's going off one of those ski jump platforms since those are more or less horizontal, but we should be able to see more of his back otherwise. The angle when you see him from the side doesn't fit with the rest, either, since the sled should still be at an angle like in the rest of the frames.

Try drawing him from the side first and then use that to draw him from the front, like so:

The animation looks a bit wobbly. Maybe this post will be helpful?