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Old School PvP MMO - PBN

on: November 02, 2020, 07:07:36 pm
After nearly 2 decades, Paintball Net (PBN) is back!

Play paintball online! Go head to head against players from around the world! Paint each other pink and cyan! Mark up the simple-minded bots so the machines learn who’s boss! Paint the trees, the grass, and the sides of mountains! All without stinging welts, steaming masks, and poison ivy!

Multiplayer, online, and pain free. What more do you want???

Do you want to play in PVP “battle royales”? Do you want survival games, team games, and more? Do you want to modify your equipment so it fits your style? Do you want sci-fi equipment like infrared scanners and Predator-like refracto suits? Paintball Net has all of that!

Plus, Paintball Net has always been as much a community as a game. So don’t be intimidated by experienced players. Ask questions. Hang out. Make friends. Then paint them funny colors! =)

Originally online from 1996-2000, Paintball Net’s 2D PVP experience predates Google! Windows 95 was still new! If you’re looking for a retro-MMO game, Paintball Net has serious 90’s cred.