AuthorTopic: [CLOSED][PAID] 1996-1999 2D PvP MMO Paintball-Net Art Update  (Read 1356 times)

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*PROJECT CLOSED FOR NEGOTIATIONS* Will reopen if things fall through.

1. by David R. Michael
2. Updated/Create Pixel Art
3. You can find a well documented history of the game at, but I will describe the project some too.

Email from Dev authorizing the community to vet out artist:

David Michael
8:14 AM
to me

Find me an artist who can mimic the existing style, who isn't
outrageously expensive, and will deliver somewhat quickly, and there are
all sorts of possibilities. =)


This post has been created by the community of this game. This is a very early genre of the "hardcore PvP" so our hopes are very high for art that could or would not so deeply offend modern gamers. The art will absolutely create a resurgence with previous players too. You probably will have to learn game play to get a feel for the essence of the game too. We have organized events, and the chat room is a big part of the game. We invite anyone interested to post here or try and find people in game, and simply announce who you are. Every player will brainstorm with artists to help gain any insight that is need for said artist.

4. Pixel art is 30x30, and no dev work is needed, but if you could lobby our dev to adjust the back end for even higher resolution, it would turn out to be a better project I do believe. The game was originally coded in Delphi and was ported to Node.js for server side, and client side is react framework.

5. Based on overall total scope, and end result. Open to negotiation as this will be a once in lifetime event for the game. Our dev believes in paying for work, and is a regular support of artists offline. The community is active, and supportive of our dev.

6. Please visit our discord at:
   Facebook at:

Or simply reply to this post.

The dev is not impossible to get a hold of, but being such a community driven game I would suggest exploring the community and game as well. A 24-48 hour turn around is normal for our dev to respond to us. Not sure if we will get many looking to work or not. This game has survived 20 years, and the right artist will be a legend to our community. We hope you are here!
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