AuthorTopic: Hi folks, help me flesh out an avatar?  (Read 7037 times)

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Re: Hi folks, help me flesh out an avatar?

Reply #20 on: November 30, 2007, 08:48:16 am
Done an edit if u dnt mind, couldnt be bthered with the ear im too tired..


I think you need to first start off with your linework and make sure you've got together a good set of colours, block in the darker shades colour by colour and add it your lighter tones. You need to do this to ensure the depth makes sense. And that your colours work together well. After your happy then start AAing here and there, make the most of your palette to blend darker colours to lighter ones using some dithering techniques if its vital and where necissery and define detail and polish up. Do hope my edit pushs u in the right direction, its far from perfection but its if you can learn something from it im happy.

hope it helps atall, I think you're doing what I tend to do a lot of the time and skip a lot of the crusial first steps.. Though there are no rules to art it is adviced to take it one small step at a time and have an image of where you want to go with it.
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Re: Hi folks, help me flesh out an avatar?

Reply #21 on: November 30, 2007, 09:24:01 am
Look how nice everybody is here. Sadly we don't want liars and rippers around. I am banning you for a year. If you desire you may return after that time here.