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[WIP][C+C] Male with mask

on: November 04, 2020, 02:17:01 pm
Installed Aseprite a month ago or so, and have finally decided to sit down and learn pixel art.
I don't have much previous experience with drawing or painting, but I thought pixel art might be a good introduction to learn about shading and colors.

I would like some critique on this piece I have spent a couple hours on. I apologize if the image doesn't appear, I found the guide on uploading images pretty confusing.

I think its generally pretty good, but some of the outlines might be too harsh. I tried to remove the lines on the wall to separate the tiles, but it threw the shading off. How would you go about creating distinct tiles without a solid outline?

I also think the lighting on the walls is a little messy, but it looked to plain without it. I'm trying to create a light source from an open door in the background.

And lastly, I tried to find a palette that might suit the idea, but felt a little too limited by them. I created my own as you can see in the upper corners, but still don't know how to use them. Is all shading with shadows and lighting supposed to be colors from the palette as well?

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