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[PAID] Need Pixel Art for RPG/Dungeon Crawler UI

on: October 19, 2020, 07:50:56 pm
Good afternoon, artists.  I'm the dev/owner for Winding Clock Games, and I'm in need of a graphical overhaul for the user interface for my next game, Bright Basin.

About the game:
Bright Basin is a first person monster collecting dungeon crawler, with rogue-like elements, being built for PC/Mac.  The player will navigate through a first person 3d village, with pixel-art components/graphics (think Mine**aft with slightly higher res graphics), enter randomly generated dungeons, recruit monsters, fight in retro-rpg battles, find random loot, interact with NPCs, etc.

A sample of pieces requiring artwork:
* Inventory background, item slot border/decoration.
* Character (captured monster) frame/display, with health bars.
* NPC dialog border/background.
* Button frames for dialogs, menus, etc.
* Frame/background for pop-up text, such as item descriptions.
* Label backgrounds for components like character status page items.
* All the other things.

I have already gone through a few artists, trying to find quality work for this, so...

A few guidelines:
* The game style should remind the player of retro RPGs and/or dungeon crawlers.
* The artist should have some experience with UI, not just pieces like character sprites.
* UI elements should have crisp colors, and should be sized appropriately.  For example, a button background should have similar pixel ratio/border size as other UI elements, and there should be no blurry (anti-aliasing) edges.
* Components like health bars don't have to be overly complex, but shouldn't be overly simple, either.  (IE, something more than a mono-color rectangle for an HP bar.)
* The artist should be available to discuss progress and scheduling, via Skype/Discord/etc, somewhat regularly, and should be a fluent English speaker.  The ability to stream the actual work through Twitch/Skype/etc would be a major bonus, but is certainly not required.

I'm hoping to move fairly quickly with this, completing most or all of the work within the next 2 months.  Payment can be made weekly through PayPal, and can be based on hourly rate or item-by-item.

For any interested artist, please just let me view your portfolio, anticipated schedule, and rate.  If hourly, the rate can be anywhere from $15-$50/hour, depending upon experience, portfolio, and anticipated work rate, but should not exceed $500/week.

Discord: (WCDev)

Thank you,
~Winding Clock Games
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