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Looking for 2D Pixel art animator

on: October 15, 2020, 03:00:10 pm
Hey there we are currently a three person team working on a 2D metroidvania game and would love an experienced Pixel art animator on our side. The team consists of a freelance artist, Programmer, and Director. The main idea behind Morbus is centered around fear. Everybody in today's world is scared of something, scientifically we call this a Phobia. The game revolves around exemplifying the major phobias in today's day, integrating them into portions of the world we look to create, be it the enemies, environment, or even the player himself. In order to do this, we have to have detailed animations for all the art work created by the artist. Your role in the team would be to work on animations only and thus no extra work would be required in terms of creating pixel art.

Attached below are various designs for the main Character of the game, "Locus". We would be following one of these designs, and if you choose to work with us, this is where the animations required will begin. The rates for the character animation would be 150 USD: for 6 animation cycles. This rate is flexible depending on the amount of work necessary. The method of payment would be through Up work as the Escrow system is extremely reliable and safe on both our sides. If you do not have an Upwork account please make one, it is quite easy to set up. For reference we are choosing character model E in the image attached below. If you are interested please contact me through gmail at (

Animations required:

1)   Character Animations (6): EST Budget 150 USD

///  Developer additions

a)   Run animation: 12 Frame cycle (fluid animation). Cloak should move from right to left while running in the right direction and from left to right when running in the left direction.

Visual ques: Run cycle from Blasphemous, Deaths Gambit, Carrion (Human segments), and Narita Boy. 3:36:36 timestamp: run behavior

b)   Idle (Flipped): 12 frame Idle animation. Breathing and looking right and left. Cloak sways in the direction
c)   Charge: 12 frame animation. Upon pressing shift key the player will begin a charge and anything that comes in his way will be subject to knockback or destruction. The cloak will once again move in the opposite direction to his charge. (/// There will be a slight camera shake while charging as to signify the heavy footsteps and body mass moving). Think of Kratos from god of war, when he charges there is a lot of upper body movement and exadurated steps.

d)   Jump: 12 frame jump animation: The rising action pulls the cloak down as a result of gravity and the wind, whereas the falling action cause the cloak to move upwards exposing his legs, arms and torso.

e)   Crawl: 16 frame cycle: Locus is going to crawl out of the portal as he is evidently dazed and tired after moving through time and space. He will crawl out and the viewer will see a side profile of him crawling. He will briefly look at the ground and then get up assuming idle animation in which he looks around this unfamiliar environment. 

f)   Punching sequence: 16 frame cycle, assumes fighter stance (right leg in front, left leg behind) fluid punch sequence, 1st right hand punch exposing metallic hand from under the cloak, exaggerated punch with upper body movement, left leg comes in front and cloak moves appropriately. 2nd left hand punch, jab punch and thus not too exaggerated, quick punch and retrieve, once again exposing metallic left hand. I would require each punch to be individual animations thus individually being an 8-frame cycle for both.