AuthorTopic: WIP - Necro Knight  (Read 2595 times)

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WIP - Necro Knight

on: March 28, 2011, 11:45:02 pm
This is very early, but I wanted some feedback on the general form before I get any further (I couldn't help myself and started already shading the lower body heh). I know his left arm needs some work (he'll be holding a weapon in that hand). With the dithering on the thigh and mid-section armour I'm trying to go for a rough hammered metal look.


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Re: WIP - Necro Knight

Reply #1 on: March 29, 2011, 02:41:32 am
Whoa... As far as anatomy goes, lots of things wrong here.

His right knee looks to be in a painful position, like he's squatting with his knee at an odd angle and his foot straight upright. This means his ankle would have to be at an angle that's almost counteracting with the angle of the aforementioned knee.

As for the left leg, the foot looks to be at a different angle than that of the right foot. Thus the perspective seems pretty off. The upper leg seems shorter than that of the right leg. Somehow, in fact, the entire leg seems shorter.

Torso seems pretty odd. Most of it seems to be facing us, while other parts seem to be off to the side... but still facing us.

Head is almost completely alien and the face seems to be facing us as well.

His right arm looks a bit like a noodle with a sphere on the end of it as a hand..

As for the "rough hammered metal" look, it reminds me more of chainmail. If you were really going for that sort of texture you might want to only put the dithering in some places to add more variety.

Sorry, mate, but I think you might have to redo this one. And next time, perhaps with a better grasp of what the body looks like.
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