AuthorTopic: RUNEBEARER Looking For Passionate 2D Pixel Artists [Rev-Share][DC]  (Read 2360 times)


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Hello everyone.

Our project RUNEBEARER is looking for 2 or possibly even 3 2D pixel artists with the passion and drive to help our team fulfill our game project.

You will be working on a project that is inspired by gloomy, melancholic and grim atmospheres. With a less cartoony and more symmetric and realistic visuals.

As of now, we are:
- Game Narrative Designer (1/1)
- Creative Writer (1/1)
- QA Person (1/1)
- 1x Part-Time 2D Artist
and 3 Unity Programmers

All with a liberal amount of experience.

RUNEBEARER is an innovative mixture of Dungeon Crawler & Action-Based RPG with focus on replayability and immersive multiplayer options, including both PvP and PvE engagement.

Set in a gloomy, grim-dark setting, RUNEBEARER aims to arouse old school, atmospheric 2D vibes (Think Planescape: Torment, Diablo I & II, Mortal Kombat 4, but in a platformer setting.) with an emphasis on inducing what is commonly referred to as "a heavy feeling" to the gameplay.
(Difficult acquisition of resources; challenging randomized content; game-altering decision-making and so on.)

An immersively crafted world lore and an individualized system of synergies and customizable, interdependent character progression systems that we're looking to create will, potentially, allow us to architect a refreshing blend of old and gold & reliable and new.

For more details on how these customization & progression systems work feel free to contact me here or via e-mail at

Length of Project:
TBD. As of now, we have not decided on a realistic length of the project, as it heavily depends on the amount and quality of the workforce we acquire for the game.

 This is a long-term project that started off as a product of passion between a few friends.

Split %:
We understand that having no immediate financial implications for the members of our project is an acquired taste. Yet, we have decided that it is worth getting this project out, as we hold deep belief that it has a serious chance of blowing up and making it big. We've decided on offering both profit and a percental share of all sales for our potential team members.