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Hello all! Hope everyones staying safe!

I'm still very new to pixel art so I wanted some feedback (and yes criticism lol) from one of my drawings of Samus from ssbu character render.

I'm terrible at shading and picking colors, but I tried my best. I also feel like it looks to shiny. I also tried to keep the size to 64x64 but I went a few pixels bigger, is that a problem?
But what do you think? What needs to be fixed? I also put an unshaded sprite incase someone else wanted to show by example.

I know there's a lot of things that should be addressed but i'm pretty much reaching my skill cap limit.


First drawing:


(was going to include the render for Samus in Super Smash. Ultimate that I drew from, but you'll just have to google it)

What you have there is something called pillow shading.  See this tutorial.
Scroll down to the pillow shading part.

Yeah, pillow shading is the equivalent of taking a photo with the flash on. It doesn't give you great lighting.
So pick a position for your light (top left or right, bottom, etc.) but not straight at the character.

Good drawing, though, especially the silouette (which is very important for readability) and good colors, only there are IMHO too many of them. You could probably do about the same with a dozen or fewer.

Yeah u are doing too much pillow shading and you pick many colors.

Pillow shading is basically you draw a object and then add another colors following the same shape to try give it a impression of 3D and your spotlight cover all sprite, difficulting in try to give a deep. However, I have not to say about the pose and sprite in general, it's good.

Have a good light source define and work with the shape to create apropriate shape with the object you are shading on.

Like I said before, nice work, good proportions and pose, an example for me. U doing great, keep it.


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