AuthorTopic: ** UPDATED (31 Oct) ** ORC-HUMAN - Big Character/Anatomy [WIP] **  (Read 9362 times)

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Re: ** UPDATED (31 Oct) ** ORC-HUMAN - Big Character/Anatomy [WIP] **

Reply #20 on: October 31, 2007, 10:47:40 am

A couple of things for me:

1) the eyes don't seem right at all. I think part of that is that the left hand side of the nose seems to be at almost right angles to the right hand side (flattened). Look again at BOBs edit.

2) the hair draped over his left shoulder is in perfect line with the horn coming out of his chin. It confuses what's going on. While the whole horn and chin are much more improved in this edit, in previous edits there wasn't the overlap and therefore the confusion of what's going on. Both are similar colouring which makes it even harder.

3) the connection of fingers/claws to the forearm still seems unconvincing from an anatomical point of view.

Those aside, there's some stunning work going on here. The waist and groin is awesome (okay, that sounded wrong!!) and the whole piece has come a long way. As Adam says, keep going!