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wip Mockup

on: October 16, 2007, 04:41:02 am

Haha, i was just messing around on this one, but i would like to be able to improve it...Any ideas?

I was thinking about removing the background, and giving it a McD's setup, and a cash register...

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Re: wip Mockup

Reply #1 on: October 16, 2007, 09:12:05 am
 * add sleeves
 * add gloves
 * add pants
 * add shoes
 * remove reference to McDonalds
 * work on gun

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Re: wip Mockup

Reply #2 on: October 16, 2007, 07:25:46 pm
His legs look like if they were having opposite thubs, and his right arm bends enormously ;). One more thing... his muscle starts right after his sleeve ends so whats inside the sleeve actually? A stick :P?
Sorry for my english.

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Re: wip Mockup

Reply #3 on: October 17, 2007, 03:00:56 am
Adding on Robotacon's list of things to do:
* Work on anatomy(Go use some reference)
* Add more contrast and make a better palette
* Define the light source
* Go get reference(For EVERYTHING)
* Work on a 50% dark gray background
* Try to do as realistic as possible, especially on the portrait(This will help you in the long run if you're into art)
* And honestly, who the hell robs a store half naked? Put some clothes on him

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Re: wip Mockup

Reply #4 on: October 17, 2007, 05:30:03 am
*add a bowtie
*add a scarf
*add more hot chicks
*make him riding a motorcycle

This seems like a really nice cartoony style. I disagree with Bengoshia in making it realistic. His right arm I like, just watched 'meet the robinsons' and can see how making it long makes him more of a bad guy. His left arm with the gun has alot of problems as already mentioned.

The portrait is pretty good but maybe some AA is needed once you've finalised the design. The lines on the balaclava might look better bent with contours of face.

The feet should be slightly smaller on the outer edge since pinky toes are smaller than the big toe. The arch on the bottom of the foot is too big.

Its obviously supposed to be a funny drawing, but are robatacon's comments a joke too? Doesn't adding clothes muck up the concept?
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