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Gif panning? How do you do it?



I have a question. I made a big level with pixelart. Some objects in the level I have made animations for. Like trees moving about or some enemies running around.   Is there anyway to animate panning the level without programming the whole thing and capturing it with somethings like fraps?

Is there any program to make animated scenes where you can essentially tell how an object should move about, which animation it should play when and how the camera should pan through the scene?

If not. Is there at least a program where I can easily pann through a large gif scene, with objects that are not moving but animating and the camera moves along from left to right to show the level?

The only thing I have found is in photoshop to pann a large image, but static.

Very thankful for advice!

Not that I'm aware of ): There are some game engines like GameMaker that let you build simple scenes without having to dive too much into code, I think some artists use those.

Also, if your goal is to make gifs of a pixel art scene, I don't recommend using a video recorder like Fraps. Use something that records straight into GIF instead, like GifCam or ScreenToGif, as this will avoid video compression getting further compressed in the GIF. For scenes with small palettes (<= 256 colours on the screen at once, including colours added by any blending effects), GIFs will be lossless.

What used to be called Adobe Flash (as an animation program) is now Adobe Animate, this would probably be an industry standard for compositing scenes for web.


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