AuthorTopic: [AVAILABLE] Hugimugi - Quirky & Vibrant Pixel Art!  (Read 332 times)

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[AVAILABLE] Hugimugi - Quirky & Vibrant Pixel Art!

on: August 08, 2020, 10:30:08 pm
Hello!  My name is Joonatan Siponen, I'm an indie game developer mainly, but I'm doing freelance pixel art as well on the side. I have around 5 years of experience in Pixel Art, I have mainly made it for my games.

Please have a look at my up-to-date website porfolio, you'll also see my current rate there and my availability.
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As of writing this, my rate is also varies on many factors such as:
- Type of work needed
- Length of the work
- My current situation
(Right now my rate ranges from 25-30$ per hour)   


Thank you!

P.S. Here's some examples of my work: