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Has anyone heard of "Eiyuden Chronicle"?

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Hi! I do not know if this post goes here or if someone is interested, I apologize if it is wrong, but ...
Has anyone seen the Kickstarted of "Eiyuden Chronicle" ?? The game designed by the original creators of the Suikoden saga!
They're the reason I fell in love with pixelart in the first place, and the game promises to be just as great.
What little they showed brought me an incomparable nostalgia for my childhood.
I can't wait for them to complete the project!

Sounds cool, where can I find more information?
I used to play Suikoden a lot as a boy. Good times.

Here I put the link for you to see it!

Little by little it is growing and they already have mini-games of fishing, cooking and detective plot planned!

It's been funded! I fan girl screamed when this was announced. This was one of my favorite series growing up as a wee lad, so I was more than happy to contribute. Now the very long 2 1/2 year wait.

Totally the same! Unfortunately I could not be in the event for the last 24 hours, but I saw how skyrocket? the goals to the limit! I can't believe they're even putting out an "Companion Game" to lighten the wait.


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