AuthorTopic: I'm looking for a programmer for the project platformer 2D  (Read 131 times)

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Hello, how are you?
  My name is Leonardo, I'm a pixel artist for a while, I don't consider myself a professional, I just like and have fun, but I'm working hard on my first project, now there is only one person, who is the composer, because the project programmer is focusing on more important things because he works freelance and has no time to develop the project.

 I redid an entire 5-year project last year (yes, the project is 5 years old), in that time I had many interested programmers, only none focused on the right project, others didn't even know how to program, so I lost a lot of time, leaving the project stopped for a good time.

 Initially, there are no gains, in addition to a long-lasting and experienced partnership, for future projects too, when the project is launched, everyone on the team will earn the deserved proportion.
Many things are ready in the project, character, trap, many enemies, effects, hud, objects, music, etc. I need a project-focused person, a programmer who loves what he does and who can take many projects with me.

If you are interested, be sure to contact me

Discord: leo souza#7534