AuthorTopic: Skill and buff icons, job for this weekend.  (Read 1448 times)

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Skill and buff icons, job for this weekend.

on: July 24, 2020, 11:24:15 am
I have around 15-20 icons I need drawn this weekend or early next, it needs to be done by tuesday.

Theme is classic fantasy, icons like diablo or warcraft or whatever goes around there. There's no color or palette limitations on these things, but I don't like just a plain fireball on a black background, It needs to look a bit better than that.

Skill icons are 24x24 and buff icons are 16x16, they are all suppose to be square, but the focus should ofc be centered.

Arcane Bolt
Concussive Blast
Arcane Explosion
Mirror Image
Flame Shield
Arcane Font
Flame Breath
Magic Missile
Mana Aura
Meteor Shower


Apply if these conditions feels like you:

Are not a beginner that can't do this in a proper amount of time.
Have time right now now.
If you are working within the EU, you need to have a valid VAT-ID and company set up.
All payments are made with paypal.

If you have a portfolio with icons already that I can look at, that would help a lot in the selection process.

Send any application to, make sure the subject is PIXELART ICONS 07 2020, you can also PM me here, name the PM the same thing if possible.
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