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I've been browsing this forum for a long time now and here are a collection of threads that I feel many people can benefit from, divided into different topics for easy use.  Of course these are selected by my personal choice, but I tried to list the ones that show lots of explanation and knowledge combined with tasty pixelled goodness.  Enjoy:

Sprites / Animation
Walk animation, tweening, "ease"
"WayForward Contest #2: Sprite modelling"
Walk animation, tweening, "ease"
Mage Knight - general animation, effects
Partisan Tactics Battles - isometric animation - I have Learned a lot from this thread! Good luck Adarias and Fil
Sub-pixel animation
"32x32 alien sprites."
"Windsong Sprite Revamp"

"WayForward Contest #3: Background artist (tiling)"
"Video Tutorial about platform tiles" - last post holds working link
Fantasy RPG town-interior tiles
Tactics RPG mockup
Hex tiles
Sidescroller mockup, forest scene
Basic RPG outdoor tiles
"Swamp Tileset"
Great rpg tileset, forest

Pixel Technique

"Choosing colors and pallettes"
"Generic 16 color palette" (Arne's palette)
Saturation, contrast
C64 palette

Anatomy This is not a specific anatomy forum, and I didnt see the point in listing a hundred Helm paint-over threads.
Various pointers
Female anatomy - good ol' helm again
Indigo's anatomy tutorial - Not brilliant anatomy but a good read

Other Just a few threads that I particularly like.
Low-poly models with pixel art textures
Post-your-favourite thread
Gunfire animation - this piece has always just been on my mind

Software Any thread about software, will ultimately end with "Cosmigo's Promotion"...
"MS Paint Poll"
"About Pro Motion"
Discussion about different software

Contra 4
"Is pixelling as art dead in games?"
"Some queries about short deadline game creation"

Interesting Reads Far more of these than I expected.  Just generally interesting discussions from the past that might serve as a 5 minute coffee break read.
"What got you into Pixel Art?"
"Hobby art vs Production art"
"Palette/Size/Tile Restictions on Contemporary Pixel Art"
"Actual impact of Video Games"
"i think im stuck at my current pixel skill level"
"Pixel school"
"Where do you want to be in 5 years - artistically and professionally?"
"Pixelartist salary?"
"Pixel talk" - terminology

Obviously these are just a handful of the wonderful threads that make up pixelation.  The search bar is your friend.

Ps. If you find any topics you think are worthy of this thread, please PM me or a Mod.

All really excellent reads.

It would be great if the URL was replaced with the title of the thread for easy skimming.


--- Quote from: Faktablad on September 04, 2007, 09:04:55 pm ---It would be great if the URL was replaced with the title of the thread for easy skimming.

--- End quote ---

Yeah i was thinking that, i'll do it when I get a bit of time.

Some awesome threads here. Thanks for this.

Anatomy :
Trouble with Noses


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