AuthorTopic: [WIP] Need help with Game Boy Micro Famicom Version  (Read 2761 times)

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[WIP] Need help with Game Boy Micro Famicom Version

on: September 04, 2007, 05:52:30 am
Hello. I need some critics and tips with this WIP piece. The color range, and the colors themself are subjects to change.

I made some progress, so there are updates.

I'm having trouble with the L, R, START and SELECT buttons (the grey ones). Any hints?

Should I try to make that curvy line between beige/gold and red more smooth?

Can you hint me how to make A, B, START and SELECT markings better? I mean those little markings above their corresponding buttons (see refferrence photo below).

Any tips about the dithering? The beige/gold surface is supposed to be very glossy (red is less glossy).

Here is a referrence photo of GBM:
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Re: [WIP] Need help with Game Boy Micro Famicom Version

Reply #1 on: September 05, 2007, 08:50:46 pm
Hi. Nice job for the most part. I really like it, and I have discovered a new object.. a Gameboy Micro.. Anyways, I think the contrast in the screen is a bit to high, either add another midtone of black, or dither if you are trying to restrict colors. Nice job overall,though.
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Re: [WIP] Need help with Game Boy Micro Famicom Version

Reply #2 on: September 08, 2007, 03:25:40 pm
no time to explain what I've done right now... sorry... got a wedding to go to...

but here...
have look see and see what you think...

in Brief - Anti aliasing and palette hues... is all I've edited...

<EDIT> - right - i'm back now so I can be more specific.

  • I've edited the pallette a touch, hue shifting it here and there to make it a bit more dynamic and interesting
  • I've reworked the A & B buttons, adding AA to the edges in an attempt to make them 'rounder'
  • I actually completely removed the inner pixels for the typed A and B letters stamped on the buttons and remade them from scratch... and in a weird twist of fate ended up pretty much recreating exactly what you did, so I'm guessing you weren't far wrong with those
  • I've overhauled the Dpad a fairbit - hjaving looked at your resource image I edited it so the light's coming from 12oclock, and added shading to the dpad itself to show the concaved aspect of it... it's subtle atm - maybe too subtle now I'm looking at it with fresheyes.
  • I edited the two horizontal lines that run across the unit so that they're not single color, trying to give these lines some notion of light hitting them.
  • finally, I've done couple of mine edits to the AA on the upper part of the unit as a way to demonstrate that you can push this a bit more.
I hope this helps and you understand what I've done...


Good luck with you updates.
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