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Re: question for artists

Reply #10 on: June 26, 2020, 12:05:13 am
When the client is verified, PayPal will say so next to their name on the payment page:

The UI is different depending on whether you have a personal account or business account, but look for invoices in the menus at the top of the PayPal dashboard. The pages will mostly guide you through it, you can google if you need more help. When you get to the part where you add the items to bill the person for, make sure you're specific and list every deliverable.

Bad examples of billable item descriptions:
"Pixel art"
"Game art"
"2x Tile sets"

Good examples:
"3x character spritesheets, 24x32px, with Idle, Attack, Run, and Death animations of 4-10 frames each, character designs provided by client"
"Tileset for the Jungle area, 16x16px tiles, including two types of ground, cliffs, at least different 3 trees, and at least 5 props"
"Game UI element: nine-slice rectangle for buttons with 2x colour variants for highlighted/disabled states"

For the Invoice type, select "Service", since you're performing a service (creating original art) for the client. Make sure you get this right, as it will affect things if you have any disputes pertaining to the invoice.
thanks alot