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[WIP] Portait

on: August 22, 2007, 05:19:07 pm
yea another wip, cause i like to work on a billion things at once 8D
this time a portrait, i wanted to make something fun and happy and bright and yea... now it turned out kinda wannabe realistic :-\

i still like it tho and wanna finish it but something looks so odd about and i couldnt seem to get her shoulder curve right i.e.
she was supposed to be licking her lip but something went totally wrong there and now shes trying to reach her nose i guess

Edit: ok im done with it for now, not sure if i like the colors yet but here it is anyways;
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Re: [WIP] Portait

Reply #1 on: August 25, 2007, 01:11:53 am
I must say i much prefered the brown hair, green eyes and green bg. That sort of pink and blue together with an elf thingey makes me wince for some reason.
I think the character is very well drawn. The secondary highlight doesn't work atall in my eyes, it messes up the nose and makes her face seem very flat, since you've only lightened a thin area, also highlighting the jaggyness of the outlines.

Perhaps you could darken the darkest skin tone etc slightly, or add the darker tone for the shadows in certain places like under her chin and hair.

Lalala that's all i got.