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Hello - "new" member here.

on: August 22, 2007, 12:50:14 pm
Ok, first post for me - I've been a member for 8 months though.
- I usually don't have much to say, but I love just hanging in the shadows and looking at all the fabulous pixelart around here.
I just saw a topic I wanted to reply to, but I think I should introduce myself first, so here we are.  :)

I'm a programmer and like doing retro remakes and therefore I mostly hang out over at
My plan is to hopefully finish most of my current batch of WIPs this year (it stresses me to have to many projects going on at once)
and then possibly do something original afterwards - perhaps a Doctor Who game, but I'll think about it when I'm closer to finishing the WIPs.

My current game is a remake of an old ZX Spectrum game called 'Project Future' - kinda like 'Sabre Wulf' in space.
The game itself has been finished for nearly 2 years but whats holding me up are the graphics - making graphics is an
uphill battle for me. So progress is pretty sloooow, and all this while I've been running the game with temporary graphics,
I wish I was better at pixeling myself - that would vastly improve the look of my own games, but I don't have the genes it seems.  :(

Anyway, I'm close to being finished with the tiles for 'Project Future' though, and pretty soon I'll begin work on the enemysprites and then I'll be done.
- I made this little fella not too long ago - the first enemy that I'm really satisfied with. Only about 10 more to go.  :blind:  :)

For those who want to take a look at my finished projects, look no further than

Anyway, now I'll reply to that other thread and then I'll slide back into the quiet shadows. :)

Keep up the good work.  :y: