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Seeing as there are quite a few Kickstarter threads we decided that there will be a thread for them all, since we do not want the General Discussion Forum flooded with this stuff.
Just post your kickstarter stuff in here please. Thanks

Hello! I'm trying to 'crowd fund' an old-school 2d tileset in the style of 'Alundra' to release for free to game developers.   I'm not a game developer any more, but I do run a site that hosts both free and low cost resources to game developers.  I also have a deep nostalgia for old-school 2d games.  The tileset will contain enough 2d tiles to create an outdoor scene similar to:

The tileset will consist of completely original tiles, but will stylistically be similar to Alundra.  Once the tileset has been completed, it will be released on my site (Game Beep) for free.  Free as in beer.  Royalty free.  Free free free.

If anyone's interested, check out:

Hi fellow pixel-pushers,

This is Mike at
The beta version of our all new Spriter, a highly optimized 2D game animation tool, is finally available. What makes it special is it's specifically for creating animations for games!

It doesn't just export sequential images of full frames, it can also export the actual animation data in XML format, so game engines can recreate all the animations using just the original source images (like body parts) thereby saving massive amounts of VRAM and disk space. It will also support tons of game specific features, like visually placing unlimited collision rectangles per frame (with names and numeric values for each!), unlimited action points per frame, unlimited named variables can be changed per frame, and sound effects can be triggered per frame. It also supports an awesome feature called “Character Maps” which lets you show, hide, or replace images from specific folders on the fly to make game features like customizable character appearance and changes in weapons, armor, etc super easy and efficient.

Please check out the Kickstarter page to learn more and for the link to download the free beta version.
We'd love your feedback, suggestions, and support so we can make Spriter hands down the ultimate 2D game animating tool.


A note for pixel artists: for now it uses HWA filtering, but in the relative near future we will be adding a pixel art friendly mode with no flitering and aith no floating point pixel coordinates, and in general, a better experience for working with low res sprites. Still even in its current beta stage, I think Spriter can me a very valuable tool for creating animations for even low res games, by creating the animations large than you need for the final spriters, then batch processign the, down to your final size. (then palletizing and pixel popping as required or desired)

Thank you very much.


Way epic, and excited to see how close you are to being funded already! I've backed this and look forward to playing with the release when it arrives.  :y:

Hi everyone,

The Kickstarter campaign for Spriter, the awesome 2d game animation tool is about to enter its final week.  Spriter has gotten the attention, endorsements and support of many really great pro and independent game developers...

"Seriously, awesome job on the editor."
- Tuomas Erikoinen, lead artist of Angry Birds

“Up until now, these tools were kept as a sort of "secret weapon" by companies with deep pockets who would use them to reduce dev-time and increase quality. It's often too costly for smaller companies and independents to create their own - and when they do they're reinventing the wheel every time because there is no standard. Spriter finally brings us a commercial solution and with it comes the potential of a universal standard. “

Dan Fessler, Professional game artist, Lead artist, A Bit Lucky

Since the Kickstarter campaign began, there's now working basic beta Spriter support for lots of Game authoring languages and system...

Cocos2d(by @TacoGraveyard)
GameMaker(by icuurd12b42)
Flashpunk(by @abeltoy)
Flixel(by @abeltoy)
Starling(by @abeltoy)
AS3(by @abeltoy)
XNA(by Mark Schmelzenbach)
JBlocks(by Zeroluck)
Libgdx (by Christian Finckler)

With continued funding we can continue to work full time and get additional help to make Spriter the ultimate 2d Game animation tool and get full Spriter support in all the popular game authoring systems as quickly as possible.  Please help spread the word.

Thank you very much.



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