AuthorTopic: [Paid] Rpg Maker Parallax Project  (Read 1594 times)

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[Paid] Rpg Maker Parallax Project

on: June 19, 2020, 02:50:07 am
I'm looking for a pixel artist to design a parallax background for my RPG maker project. The parallax should be a 816 ◊816 then upscaled to my project resolution of 1368◊768. This is an excerpt from my script that describes what the parallax should look like:

The Moogle leads Augustus to the top of the building. The Magitek facility is in the distance. Itís a large structure of rubble with metal beams protruding everywhere amidst the ruins of Vector. The ruins of Vector still speak of the glory of the Gestahlian Empire whose buildings still reflect the technological prowess that Magitek technology brought to the world of Gaia. The sky above the rubble is red as the sun is descending.

This is the perfect project for a fan of FF6. Rates will be discussed through email.

Discord: MKingdom#3323