AuthorTopic: [UNPAID] Pixel Artist OpenXcom Halo Mod  (Read 1171 times)

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[UNPAID] Pixel Artist OpenXcom Halo Mod

on: May 26, 2020, 11:42:08 am
Good evening everyone,

I'm currently working on an overhaul mod for the OpenXcom game. OpenXcom is a essentially a pure remake for the 1994 classic xcom game with many quality of life features, bug fixes and modding support.

The overhaul mod is relatively Simple. It takes almost everything out of the original game and replaces them with Enemies, Weapons, Equipment and Research, etc from the Halo game universe with few changes to the game mechanics.

What I'm looking for is a pixel artist who is happy to put in some time to help with the graphical assets for this mod.
This is a non profit project. I'm not looking to sell the mod, not looking for donations or any other form of income therefore not looking for a paid artist. However, I'm not fully opposed to offering a small payment in the long run, just to show my appreciation.
Certainly not based on an hourly/# of frames or anything along those lines.

A little bit on the specifics for this project;

Open Xcom has it's own color pallets that is required for various assets.
An example would be the following for all units and assets used in the game's turn based battles.

Assets are roughly 32x32 in size (The units are 32x40 but weapons, etc can be much smaller) and from an isometric view in all 8 directions.
Unit assets are broken up into 267 frames. Frames are broken up (I have templates) into a single arm, pair of legs, head, etc at various stages of it's animation.
However I'm still looking into whether this can be reduced. I'm not an expert in this field and am basing this on sprite sheets from other similar overhaul mods.
At this stage, I'm currently looking for assets for units only, and later potentially, weapons, equipment, UFOPedia entries, background images for various menu's, etc
This includes the following units;
Elites (In various Colors)
Brutes and Brute Chieftain
Grunts (In various Colors)
Jackals (In various Colors)

Later on, should development go smoothly for this mod, I'm planning the flood to be a faction (And have a good idea of how to implement it already)

I've attached an image of a rough attempt of mine (It took me hours to do) before I realized I'm utterly hopeless at perspective for the other directions. (See Elite_Minor_Single.png)
Template.png is an example of a unit made up for another mod. This is not created by me but is what I have been using as a reference among many others. - This is a link to a quick game capture I took from YT to give an idea of what the vanilla game looks like.

As of the moment, enemies exist in the game. I just haven't assigned them any particular graphics, but have used base game's assets to test them out.

There's no particular time frame or rush for anything at all. This is a project I work on after work and on my days off. However I'm almost always reachable through discord and email at almost any time.

You are welcome to email me at
Or DM me on Discord at Dzlan#0472
Or if you prefer to work through any other media let me know.

Just wanted to thank you in advance for any potential interest in this project. Ultimately, this is all about bringing the fantastic halo universe into a strong versatile turn based game.