AuthorTopic: [WIP] Losing ambition here - platform interior  (Read 1795 times)

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Hi guys,

This entire house feels like a confusion, a mess.

It's suppose to have the following rooms:

  • attic
  • Guest bedroom
  • Second bedroom
  • Main bedroom
  • It doesn't need a bathroom for the story, but I've got two here ugh.
  • Study
  • Lounge
  • Hallway beside second bedroom
  • Garage - haven't added that

Can I have some critic here ?

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Re: [WIP] Losing ambition here - platform interior

Reply #1 on: May 24, 2020, 02:49:36 pm
Are these meant to be all in the same house? Houses tend to have the same or at least similar styles of baseboards throughout. Wall and floor styles are usually either consistent or similar/coordinated in style. Your rooms feel inconsistent and random. The different styles of baseboards also make it look like the floor heights don't match.

Unless it's for a specific effect, avoid using such saturated colours and having such high areas of contrast. Not only are such saturated colours uncommon in real buildings, they get in the way of reading the scene. These are just the backgrounds for characters and objects. Making them so eye-grabbing will leave no room for the important stuff to catch the player's/viewer's eye.

Your list includes some hallways, but every room in your building has the same depth. You can fake different depths by having the floors narrower (with black and the walls filling in the extra space).
...actually, why can we even see so much floor at all, if this is a platformer? Would it not be better for a platformer to only show the back wall, and either no floor at all, or the tiniest hint of floor? This kind of 3/4 top-down thing is better suited for RPGs and adventure games.

I suggested this in your other thread (I recommend keeping related artworks to a single thread to avoid repetition), but make the floors (and maybe even the walls) thicker. Part of the reason these don't feel like a house is because the consistent and too-thin breaks between them don't read as walls, but more as just spaces between different images.
Lastly, please post your art at pixel-perfect 1x. It's hard to give feedback on blurry art or to make edits. It also took me a while to notice that these are one two-storey house split between two images (why?) and not a four-storey house.