AuthorTopic: Good way to partition rooms from a platformer perspective  (Read 1711 times)

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Hi guys,

So in Fallout Shelter you can see that the rooms are divided by black lines, but it's also 3D so that's a lil different.

I'm looking for something similar within a building.

I suppose I need to actually create the structure of the building..

In This war of mine they do a similar thing, black lines but it's also 3D..

I just made the tiles for the kitchen within the building, this is the background (background first) then I'll create furniture and such afterwards..

I mean there has to be doors between the rooms, so if I do add dividers than it'll be on a second layer. Considering it's 2d I doubt a person would see the door ? Perhaps I could also just go with the thick black lines and then add a kind of L shape from the viewers perspective on both sides of the black dividers to show that the door is at that location. Unless the dividers is textured or the same as the buildings art.. like brick or so.. I'll give that a go but lemme know if anyone's got input on a nice way to approach this.

Also thoughts on the kitchen tiles ? I haven't added much color, it kind of feels clean to me, since I'm working on a game that'll have blood involved I feel like the blood or mess will paint color to the rooms haha.

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Make the floor/room divisions much thicker, so they're easier to see and feel as big walls.

Your patterns seem very high-contrast, characters and objects will be difficult to read against them.

For the doors, don't draw the wall in front of them, just draw the thinner wooden door, and make it the colour of the door instead of black, I think that should read pretty well. Notice how even This War Is Mine does something like this, it doesn't draw the wall directly in front of the door, so doors are visible even when they're in front of the camera and their fronts aren't visible.