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Re: user names...

Reply #100 on: July 20, 2007, 09:41:05 pm
Yeah, uhm, I won't lie, the origin of my name is pretty lame. ;_;

I was playing Final Fantasy X like 5 years ago or so, which in retropsect was actually a shitty RPG aaaand yeah it came up from time to time when I killed really weak enemies with a really strong party. So I registered "overkill9999" as my MSN account, and then proceeded to use it elsewhere. I discarded the "9999" wherever possible. I eventually thought that capitalization of my name made it look better, so I did that. Then, later I decided number suffixes to ensure no name conflict were lame. Nowadays, I register accounts as "Minimum Overkill", "MinimumOverkill" or "MiniOverkill", depending on whether spaces are allowed or name length isn't retarded.

My nick and google never get along :( I'd switch to another nick if: 1) If I didn't use my old name everywhere already 2) it was searchable 3) I could think of something that doesn't make me sound like a complete tit. XD

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Re: user names...

Reply #101 on: July 21, 2007, 01:57:51 am
Adarias always reminded me of Aldaris, of starcraft's fame. Also, I thought both feron and rox were chix.

My username is a classy portmanteau of Alice and Leviathan (shortened to Levi)

I used to be known as leviathan back when the internet became aware of my own self (and my hotmail account is leviathan_000, because _666 was not available). Then, every fucker on earth thought I was some Leviathan from somewhere else (let alone everyone spelled it wrong for some reason, like leviathon and crap like that), so I wanted a change. In almost every forum, everyone addressed me as Levi (maybe 'cause I was a fan of Levi's jeans as well  :D), so I mixed it up with the name of a girl I used to like.

I also undergo on the names of MisterJones, MonseiurSirhan, and May7th.

MisterJones was kind of my secret identity on random forums when I wanted to post as if I was some other guy different than Leviathan ;P eventually it became the handle I use on every emulation related forum, for not reason at all. The name derived from a time when I was uber computer-iliterate and myself and my brother wnet looking for computing courses. In one of the places we went asking for information, the guy asked our names. My last name's Yunes (from proud arab heritage!), but the idiot wrote it as Jones. i corrected him, however, wehn he asked my brother's, he put Jones again. I lol'ed on the inside, and end up being a funny way to address myself at times on real life when I am bored, for it is generic enough (despite living on a country where it actually is not generic  ;D).

Sirhan is the last name my grandgrandfather wore, and it kind of sounded cool when mixed with the french of mister.

May7th is my birthday!
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