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Re: [wip] dino thingy

Reply #20 on: July 16, 2007, 04:33:51 pm
I'm a bit late, but to clear up the "pencil tool =?= pixel art" disaggreement:
Quote from: FAQ
What exactly is Pixel Art?

Pixel Art is a discipline by which images are created with pixel-level intent or precision. It is more than an end product - It is a methodology focusing on techniques such as hand drawn dithering, anti-aliasing, shading, animation, geometry, and some color theory. Here on this forum, people develop these skills and in turn teach them to others.

When you post work that focuses on these methods, you will receive useful feedback that will help you to improve. While there's no static law that says something IS or IS NOT Pixel Art, some works can certainly be more in line with what is discussed here. For example, Oekaki, a web based drawing phenomenon, does not consistently represent the methods. Also, just because a game uses a sprite, that does not immediately qualify it as pixel art since some games have been known to convert 3D rendered models into sprite stills. Posting works like this is not encouraged.

Members at this forum are interested in many subjects and artistic mediums, and we do offer places on the forum more appropriate for the posting of non-pixel work. If you're posting reference images for pixel work, this is an exceptional case. Blatant disregard for the purposes of the forum will not be tolerated.
Also, if you haven't already, I recommend reading the FAQ and the general rules to avoid further disaggreements  ;)
This piece has made considerable progress; I look forward to seeing more.  :y:
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Re: [wip] dino thingy

Reply #21 on: July 17, 2007, 04:37:07 am
another update :D

i didn't get all the crappy dithering off, but i did do some work on the shading. the blue bands are not accurate, i have not done much work on those.

black outline removed

horns colored and the shape was a little more defined. also has a tongue now.

it is really starting to look better to me. i would like to eventually include this dinosaur on my website's banner. i am working on a background for it (not included in gif)

i would like to see pictures of folds in the neck that i can use to make this dino thingy look more realistic. also am working on scaly txture :D

note to self: horns are out of perspective making head look messed up.
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