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[PAID] L> Experienced Pixel Artist

on: April 23, 2020, 11:36:02 pm

I'm a game developer out of Seattle, WA. I have a project that's about 400 hours into development. I am looking for a pixel artist efficient in 32x32 - 96x96 sprites/animations.

Game Dimensions (teaser attached of current in-game render):
Play Space: 320 x 180
Minimum Window for UI Elements: 960 x 540
Character / Enemy Animations: 32x32 - 96x96
Item Sprites / Skill Icons: 32x32

I'm building a game that doesn't really have a defined genre. I'm dubbing the genre "Idle RPG Manager." Essentially you build characters and customize their gear, skills, classes, but the game plays itself. After sending your adventurer off, you can focus on other things, like crafting gear. Like an idle game, you can set your adventurer up and turn off the game. When you come back, you will have lots of new materials and drops to further increase your characters power and explore new zones. The game is heavy into itemization, skill trees and min-maxing your gear. (akin to ARPG's like Diablo and POE).

I've budgeted $20,000 for artwork, but will be conscious of when and how the money is spent. As such pay is negotiable.

I'm looking for someone that has the availability and can put in the time to see a project of this size through to completion. The ability to chat daily via discord/voice chat is a must.

If you're interested message me on discord Ulbra #4402.

Thanks for your interest!