AuthorTopic: [Close]Seraching an artist for pixel action game.  (Read 1665 times)

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[Close]Seraching an artist for pixel action game.

on: April 09, 2020, 10:45:59 am
Thank you for everyone , we have found an artist. :)

I am making an rouge-like action game with highly strategy. Player need to adjust their skill before entering each room.

Can you make all the things a game graphics shoud have ? (player, monster , animation ,background ,environment etc. except effects , musics.)

At the first demo, I want to make  40mins long with 20 rooms. Each room like a turn for the whole game loop. you can adjust your ability there , but also the monsters and the traps will adjust their abilities either. So each room will have the uniqe experience for player.

Here is the assets list for first demo.
- 1 character female (around 20 animations)

- 1 boss, 7 enemy (2 elite , 2 long-range , 2 melee and 1 fly) , 3 traps

- ladders,platforms  etc.

- backgrounds

- battle UI

If you have intersting about it , please feel free to contact me.

my email:
Discord: wavebbs#4431
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