AuthorTopic: Another edit > crab monster, shmup ship + boss ship  (Read 2833 times)

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Another edit > crab monster, shmup ship + boss ship

on: November 06, 2005, 11:28:20 pm
Practicing up  :D. 9 colors total(in the final).

Im pleased with it for the most part. C&C greatly appreciated  ;D.

> Always liked those arcade/action shooters and with Kazuya's ship thread going on , I figured I'd try my hand at making my own :).

7 colors total

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Re: Another edit > crab monster, shmup ship + boss ship

Reply #1 on: November 09, 2005, 02:05:25 am

I like the ship!

the crab looks too noisy because of all the dithering. and the bottom one looks kind of organic, with the shading, but also kind of robotic because of the perfect diagonals
maybe if you played a bit more with the shape of the green areas you'd have a robot with organic parts on it.

take care,

Image size doesn't matter! It's what you do with your pixels that counts!

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Re: Another edit > crab monster, shmup ship + boss ship

Reply #2 on: November 10, 2005, 12:59:54 am
Hi again Derek_R!

On the middle one, that is the small one, I think you have done all well. Perhaps it could do with some colored outlines, though not selective outlining.

On the crab, as Kazuya says, the dithering ruins it a little, so try to remove it or at least use it less. Perhaps it's just that kind of dithering? What i think is worst about it though, is the black outline. I think it should instead be a darkpurple color, perhaps the color you removed after step 3? It's hard to tell how it would look when you have changed that, but I'll try my best to see what else you might change. The legs seems to be shaded a little off, with the light falling in the wrong places. About the shell and all that is orange, I think you need more depth, which you can get by removing the dithering and shading with different shapes on the ditherent parts. As of now I think that the Claws and body look pretty flat. I think the final version is well done, but it has its flaws. I do think however that the lineart has great potential and this can become amazing if you do it right. I also kinda like the blue silhouette you removed :D

The one I don't like is the last one. Firstly, the colors and the hues that you picked don't go well with each other in that way. Secondly, you seem to have to many white spots where the light hits, everywhere! I think that makes it look somewhat like mud or dough, also considering the colors it has. In the left version, the black outlines are too strong, and in the right one the green outlines are too bright! I don't know about the lineart, maybe it could become a really good picture, but I really don't like the versions posted here.

If there's anything you're wondering about and/or need help with please ask, and I'll provide the edits and information needed. Don't think I am saying anything you made is bad: Just remember they can become better, but I really don't like the third one. Good luck with editing these if you are going to, and all pixelart you make in the future.