AuthorTopic: [WIP]isometric "zombie" scene, for a personal project  (Read 4695 times)

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Re: [WIP]isometric "zombie" scene, for a personal project

Reply #10 on: April 20, 2020, 11:47:47 am
Thank you! Yes Iím doing the environments as well. I will definitely  create a page on the devlog, i feel like it will suit my progress better.

For now Itís pretty much me for all the art, story and gameplay, and one of my friend is doing sound effects and music. We also have a programmer that did some cool tests in unity, but itís still really early, weíre not sure heíll be available to work on it. Right now our short term goal is to prototype the base combat in an ďarenaí, no story, no dialogues, just making sure the collisions, melee and shooting works well, and the impact feedback is great. This is why Iím using 3D to prototype all the heroís kit before drawing anything in pixel art. It allows me to edit animations, add remove stuff on the fly, and focus on gameplay.

The drippy stuff is supposed to be fresh white paint, but I do agree I went overboard with it haha. I had the inspiration for this corridor from left4dead, no mercy map.

My workflow so far is using the 3d model to animate him, with the right scale, and converting his animation into sprites, just like I did on the 260 dude spinning. Iím not gonna lie, Iím not using any ďmagic pixelĒ shader or anything that we can see used on games like cell cells. I will be redrawing all the sprites by hand, and it will be extremely time consuming but I want something very clean and pixel perfect. It will be very important for the style of the game. I do hope to re-use a lot of sprites for multiple characters tho, once I have a lot of moves done. For stretch and squash, my 3d rig can deform but I will probably not rely much on those effects unfortunately, I did some tests on smear tho, it works in 3D so this could work. I will probably trying to go as low as I can in terms of sprites until it breaks, hopefully smear. Will allow me to reduces the amount of sprites.

Thank for the PO, I like the back out walls. Walls and ocluders will disapear completely and look ďcutĒ from above. I donít want that weird halo fallout 1 had behind walls,  I prefer a diablo 3 approach for readability.

Iím totally thinking about dynamic light, my character actually has a world space normal map that I can render already. It might sound crazy, but Iíd love to try to play with accurate pixel art normalmaps for dynamic effects, like flashlights etc.

Was too lazy to start working on his melee attack so I made a third idle that comes rarely, where he stretches his arms lol.

also started working on a hit/combat idle

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