AuthorTopic: [COMPLETED] Pixel artist needed to create tileset from concept art  (Read 1760 times)

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(Thanks for your interest but this job has been completed.)

I'm working on a game called Ronin Wyld. I've been working with a fantastic artist that I found on these boards to create some awesome environment concept art. However, we're having a hard time getting this converted into a tilemap that I can use in my game engine (Godot) for autotilling. I want to be able to 'paint' the tiles however there is a pretty complex mix of materials and sizes.

Here's a link to an example of painting tiles:

What I'm looking for is someone with experience creating tilemaps for platformers to give me some advice as to how I can best break down this concept art. My first guess is to break it down into simple tiles based on materials like, wood, brick, ceiling and floor. Then to have decals created that I can place manually.

Here is the concept art:

And here is an example of the tileset template I would ask you to use:

You can try the game out at:

Player 1:
WASD - movement
F - Sword
G - Gun
H - Jump

Player 2:
Arrows - movement
, - Sword
. - Gun
/ - Jump

Please let me know if you interested by replying to this thread or emailing me at and show me some examples of your previous tilesets.
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