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Computer on a desk

on: July 04, 2007, 09:24:53 pm
I made this piece for a friend :p my computer is totally virus infected right now so i didnt do as good as it shoulve bean.

C&C please!

And yes for you who are asking ITS A COMPUTER ON A DESK not anyhting else ;D

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Re: Computer on a desk

Reply #1 on: July 04, 2007, 11:46:29 pm
Not going to edit as people (generally) dislike my edits and hit me with a stick. Guess I choose bad colors, I guess. :crazy: Also, it would be more beneficial if you find out whats wrong and try fix it yourself.

The bottom of the screen (the stand part) looks as if its rendered at different perspective then the screen itself or looks as if it's off balance, make sure to use guidelines when trying to render things together with perspective. it also looks strange as it seems to be glowing with a halo instead of having a shadow cast on it by the screen above it. It also looks as if it's paper thin, you should add a row of dark pixels on the very bottom of it.

Don't like the dithering, it just doesn't work at such a small level, and I think you should add a few more colors to make it look more shiny/glass-like on the screen and make the screen feel like smooth plastic.

The mouse and the shadow cast on the desk from the window are hardly readable and look like blobs.

Lack of contrast makes somethings hard to make out and the shadow cast on the desk is too hard.

good luck.
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