AuthorTopic: [PAID] Hiring pixel artists for the next Boss Monster  (Read 876 times)

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Hi, Pixelation! Over seven years ago, I searched pixel art forums for pixel artists who would be willing to work on a tabletop game. The result was Boss Monster, a card game that's now sold around the world! We've done a lot of Boss Monster expansions over the years, but this year we have two Boss Monster projects in the works. That means we need to recruit a couple of new artists!

First, an introduction:
  • My name: Johnny O'Neal
  • Company: Brotherwise Games
  • Game: Boss Monster (Vault of Villains expansion and all-new Overlord game)
  • Terms: This is a paid, work-for-hire opportunity. Many of our artists charge by the deliverable (often ranging around $20 for a 32x32 sprite, $50 for a 64x64 sprite, and $100-$200 for tileset/background work). We're also open to a rate of ~$25/hour, but would like to understand approximately how much you can accomplish per hour.
  • Submission Date: March 18, 2020
  • Deadline: TBD, but the majority of the work needs to be completed in the next 8 weeks
  • Scope of Work: Over the next two months, we need to commission 5 tilesets and over 50 sprites. For both of these projects, we're looking to capture an authentic 16-bit feel, with 16-color palettes and 16x16 tiles.
We are currently developing two projects (see below). To be considered for either project, please PM me with your portfolio and a sense of your rates. Thank you!

Vault of Villains

This is a new mini-expansion for Boss Monster, featuring about 50 cards. We'll use existing backgrounds, but will need 2-3 new sprites per card. The style of Boss Monster is inspired by classic games like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, the SNES Final Fantasy games, and many others. The perspective is side-scrolling. For examples, see some of our product pages.

I'm generally proud of the pixel art in Boss Monster, but I'd like to use this expansion to get a little more authentic in terms of capturing that SNES style. We've never really used limited palettes, so it would be great to work with artists who can maintain the Boss Monster style while replicating an authentic retro look! (For a look at existing Boss Monster art, look here, here, or here.)  We're looking for portfolios with examples that show you can achieve that sort of look.


This is something totally new, our biggest Boss Monster release since the original! Moving out of the dungeon, this game will focus on building an evil empire to conquer the Overworld. It will be composed of 160x160 pixel tiles, primarily focusing on terrain like mountains, forests, swamps, and graveyards. There will also be some sprites, ranging from 32x32 monsters to 48x48 minibosses.

For this game, we're pretty specifically looking for someone who has work inspired by A Link to the Past or the GBC/GBA Zelda games... perhaps blending in elements of other top-down games like Earthbound or Chrono Trigger. Your portfolio will need examples of that style to be considered.