AuthorTopic: C64-ish smileys  (Read 8018 times)

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Re: C64-ish smileys

Reply #20 on: July 03, 2007, 11:18:04 am
I rather like them, perhaps more that the ones in the actual smilie topic.
certainly wouldn't mind them being added into the profile options :) :y:

and me too on the image zoom thing, I almost always use it instead of Pixelation's script.. just feels more in control

I'd also want these as personalized smilies ;)

thanx for the image zoom plugin helm, will dl it when I get back home.  :lol:
but as takam says, it's not the best to use? might there be some substitute for the image zoom? and what's the problem with it? will find out when i get home ;)
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