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* #01 What is this place all about?
* #02 Why should I register?
* #03 What are the rules?
* #04 What are these board sections?
* #05 What exactly is Pixel Art?
* #06 What about hand-drawn art? I drew this cool ninja and airbrushed it in Photoshop. I want some feedback!
* #07 What is a sprite, or a tile? What is this Isometric thing the kids are raving about?
* #08 How do I draw a water tile? How do I animate a sword slash? I can't do it, somebody help me!
* #09 I hear a lot of people talking about the c64-palette or ZX-Spectrum restrictions, or the 'demoscene'. What's that?
* #10 Will I ever be as good as the "pixel gods"?
* #11 What is the best program to create Pixel Art with? What about animation? How can I do that?
* #12 What is C+C?
* #13 Why should I critique someone's art?
* #14 Someone gave me really harsh critique and pointed out lots of stuff... I meant to make that leg extra long, it's not a mistake!
* #15 What's a strike?
* #16 What is an Avatar?
* #17 What is a 'one-liner', and why do people keep telling me to stop posting them?
* #18 How do I post an image?
* #19 Someone told me I should save my image file as a GIF or PNG instead of a BMP/PSP/PS/etc... what gives?
* #20 Can I just rename my image from "sprite.psd" to "sprite.gif"?
* #21 I posted a new thread with artwork and it has 40 views, but nobody has replied! What's the deal?
* #22 I am a l33t artist, ph33r my mad skillz! I'm ready to make a game, where do I go from here?
* #23 I want a cool rank now so people respect me!!! Can I pad my post-count with lots of short replies so my rank is higher?
* #24 What are Announcements, Pinned topics, and Locked topics?
* #25 How old are the members here?
* #26 Help me! I need a tutorial!
* #27 I spend more time surfing the Internet than most of you spend being awake, where can I share my latest off-topic findings?
* #28 This place rocks! I'd love to link to you. Do you have an official banner?

Privacy & Ownership Policy

We cannot verify the security of any content you provide to the forum, including but not limited to pixel works, personal information, and comments. We appreciate the desire most people have for privacy, thus we will not sell any information you provide to the forum or give that information to any profiteering external entities. However, we do conduct activities in which works may be used to promote or support this forum. The staff shall clarify beforehand when such vents occur and to what extent use is permitted, or otherwise request to use material from a member individually.

We enjoy an open and collaborative environment, but it's prudent to declare the origins of work that you post. All works you post are technically considered published material, and presumes that you are the rightful owner or author of said works, unless otherwise noted.

NB: Due to the technical problems we have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks we cannot get the single links to open in the same window, so please resort to the search function of your browser (Ctrl+F for Internet Explorer and Firefox), which is easy to use with the consecutively numbered posts.


What is this place all about?

Pixelation is a message board about pixel art, first and foremost. Its role is to provide a setting in which people may sharpen their skills by posting work and receiving critique from others, and to offer critique when others request it.


Why should I register?

If you wish to post on the board, you must register, simple as that. When you register, you must provide a valid e-mail address. If you do not wish to have your E-Mail address visible to the public, you may select the appropriate option during registration, or access and modify your profile settings at any time later on. The Pixelation staff despises unsolicited E-Mail and spam posting with the burning passion of 10,000 suns, so rest assured that we will work diligently to eliminate such activity from the forums. Pixelation respects your privacy.


What are the rules?

The Pixelation Rules document contains the basics. Our primary rule is don't be an ass. Common sense prevails on this forum. Avoid unconstructive criticism, misrepresentation of yourself or works you provide, and any other behavior becoming of a miscreant.

What are these board sections?

Things of Importance and Interest contains many important bits of information regarding forum usage, image posting tips and conduct as well as the Pixelation FAQ, which you're reading right now!
General Discussion is for posting about anything related to Pixel Art, Gaming, or Coding. If you wish to ask a question, first look in the FAQ or Rules before posting; such courtesy is appreciated. DO NOT POST A WELCOME THREAD: Use the Introduction Thread in the section above for greetings and the Official Pixelation Off-Topic thread for personal messages and chit-chat. The Official Pixelation OT Creativity Thread is for posting your paintings, sketches, music compositions, links to software, poetry, writing, etc...

Pixel Art is a place to post your works and receive critique, or comment on the works of others. The Feature Chest child-board is located here: When a thread of exemplary stature is spotted, chances are that it will be featured in the Feature Chest. After a thread becomes inactive, it may be retired here, and a link from the news box shall be published. The act of highlighting great threads serves as an incentive for others to post great art and outstanding critique so that they too may see their deeds recognized.
Low Spec Art is for art and graphics geared towards hand-held devices or applications with similar specifications that are not Pixel Art.
Challenges & Activities is a place for people to participate in various group activities. Most of these activities are non-competitive as the focus at this forum is primarily educational. Commercial Critiques are used as a means to discuss commercial games and Challenges test one's understanding of the Pixel Arts by setting certain goals and limitations.

Job offers is a place to advertise projects or jobs.  Unpaid Work offers go here.
Portfolios can be posted here.


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