AuthorTopic: Elephant-nosed glop [C+C if u plz]  (Read 2292 times)

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Elephant-nosed glop [C+C if u plz]

on: June 09, 2007, 11:46:06 am

I don't know what inspired me to keep going on with this. I guess thanks to Panda to telling me to just keep all my old doodles.
This was done on my first try.

I started making colours, then wanted to make them blend better so I added another colour. With some advice I'm sure I probably could be able to cut them down, but I'm no expert at that stuff.

After doing a black outline all the way through, I decided to colour the outline (is that called selout) and yeah I think it looks heaps better.

Any C+C before I start saving this and putting it aside?

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Re: Elephant-nosed glop [C+C if u plz]

Reply #1 on: June 11, 2007, 03:33:44 pm
The lightness of the colored outline should follow the lightsource for best effect. Also, it shouldn't be much darker than the color that it outlines (enough to notice but not too much).

You should try to smoothen the more angular outline areas, through anti-aliasing or removal of outline (the vaunted selout).
I think your actual colors need more contrast, the texture doesn't read too well, and it needs a clearer defined form, the form doesnt read well. Redo your shading on the body. Make sure every detail reads well at 1x zoom.