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Pokemon trainer Rob

on: June 08, 2007, 04:03:23 am
Pokemon Trainer Rob wants to battle!

Tried to capture the style of thier sprites. I'm pleased with the results.   

Three Pokemon in Inventory :
LV. 78 Genger
LV. 76 Charizard
LV. 80 Gyrados


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Re: Pokemon trainer Rob

Reply #1 on: June 08, 2007, 06:51:15 am
I wrote a longer post but it got deleted.  Main points:

His right arm is too long.

The shading on the his left arm doesn't make sense.  There is no reason for the entire elbow area to be in shade.  Think more about how the light source would hit his arm.

Remember that there is a body under those clothes.  Like in the area in the bottem left (our left) corner of his shirt.  There is no huge jump in  depth between the torso and the leg, don't shade each piece of clothing like an entirely seperate entity.  Again, think more about the light source.

Also, I don't think the AA on the jersey shirt is working.  It makes the jersey pop out too much.  Try not using any outline at all between the jersey and the undershirt, just flat white.  Or, use a buffer shade, a mix between white and blue to AA between the two fabrics.

That said, this is pretty nice.  Keep it up  :y: