AuthorTopic: Pixel Artist Needed for Rev Share SNES inspired Fantasy Action RPG  (Read 1188 times)

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Studio Name: Pixel Dojo Studios
Project Name: Legends of Lockefall
Roles Required: MAINLY Pixel Artist (preferably in the style of Chrono Trigger/Secret of Mana for SNES),
Programmer, Writer (have most of the story and dialogue written out but still needs to be looked over and tweaked), Composer eventually but probably not right now, and lastly someone to help kickstart it and get the demo out there.
Project Length: Not really sure but this could be considered a big game maybe?
Description: A Fantasy Action RPG inspired by SNES and will be a mixture of A Link to the Past and Pokemon. Open World format. Top down view like Chrono/Mana/Zelda. Once in a peaceful kingdom, Lockefall is threatened by an unimaginable dark evil. Seven unlikely heroes are the only ones who can find the Scepter of Light and restore order to the land. In a Super NES inspired action rpg comes an epic tale that will turn those heroes into...Legends of Lockefall! The hero you choose will travel around the land from dungeon to dungeon, defeating creatures and bosses to collect the scepter shards in order to piece it back together. After it is reassembled, they must go on to face the dark Lord Volrupt to save the King and take back the Kingdom. They must adapt to each boss they fight in the dungeons throughout the kingdom.
Combat will be action-rpg hack and slash and there will be elemental weapons/items and enemy weaknesses (Pokemon style).
Compensation: Rev-Share, if the kickstarter gets funded. I am a huge SNES gamer and I am really excited to make this game. It could turn out to be a really awesome adventure. If you are curious and want to know more about it please feel free to message me or respond here. I have a facebook page but not much info is on it yet.