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Re: Tree [Finished?]

Reply #30 on: May 27, 2007, 12:20:36 am
Looking more at this piece, i wonder if it would do to divide the leaf bunches into more separated value regions, with some taking brighter parts of the ramp, and others darker, since right now they all seem at equal depth.  Im on a new monitor too and it's suprising how much less the dark brown bugs me, looks perfectly fine now, even a bit better.  It's suprising what a different screen will do to a piece.  The only thing i would change about feron's edit, it goes from black to light very sharply, jaggedly even (no pun intended :P); i might make that darker blue a bit darker to smooth things out slightly.

Helm, does that mean we can assign arbitrary meanings to anything we like, and when someone asks, one could just hide behind the idea that you want the word to mean something else entirely?  For this piece, i predict that the magical glass defends the sweating keeper, you may want to flash behind the triple accused. Hail the downfall of linguistics, of logic, of thylogale!  No more must a person think about how he communicates, he must simply utter, and everyone who matters will understand!  Sounds like a really good plan there, mate.

EDIT: realized it wasn't neessarily clear, but im just teasing :P.  i dont actually care that someone hasa different view of how words ought be used ^^
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