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Re: Pokémon Trainer Mirre

Reply #10 on: May 26, 2007, 01:20:52 am
Maybe a little pedestal/fight area is next?
Not a bad idea. I might just do that. Or at least pixel this version of myself a la "battle style" (

AdamAtomic Adarias: I blame that on the style of the actual game art. I used three blonde-haired trainers with short hair as references to nail the style of the hair. I'm not looking to improve the game art style, just trying to make this look as if it could actually be from the game. Colours are also snitched from the actual sprites. If this was something else than "fanart", I naturally wouldn't have coloured this way, and also used fewer colours in some places.

Oh, and anyone else who wants to pixel themselves as trainers - go ahead! It's not like you have to ask me for permission ^^; I'll gladly share the fun.

Thanks for the compliments everyone.

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Mirre

Reply #11 on: May 26, 2007, 12:05:31 pm
Ah ah ah!
I don't like Pokčmon very much, but.. this is very very funny (and Mirrish  ;D)
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Re: Pokémon Trainer Mirre

Reply #12 on: May 26, 2007, 03:03:37 pm
The hair thing I think is actually slightly different than the other sprites - your character's hair uses a mixture of 2-4 colors here and there for the outlines and definition, which at 1x muddies and turns a bit gray, while the outlines and definition on the sprites I was looking at (At least the short, blonde-haired ones) only used a max of 2 colors, one of which was usually fairly bold and saturated.  I'm nitpicking here of course!