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Kinda need some help [WIP]

on: November 28, 2019, 07:31:05 pm
Hey, so I've been working on a game with a friend for a while (this is our first project) and I'm trying to make some sprites for the characters in the game. Currently I've only done one of the characters and I'm kinda insecure on how it turned out since I've never done any pixel art whatsoever before this.

Game's genre is hack & slash and I tried giving it the same camera angle as in Hyper Light Drifter but I don't think I did that right either.

I leave the sprite attached down below

If any of the knowledgeable people here on pixelation would be so kind as to tell me what I did wrong and what could be improved I would be very grateful.

English isn't my first language so sorry if something was written incorrectly
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